Leading Apparel Manufacturing Contractor, Hemingway Apparel, Launches Updated Web Presence

Get Connected with the South’s Leading Apparel Contract Manufacturer
Established domestic apparel contract manufacturer of over 50 years sets a new standard for interaction within the fashion industry by launching a new website and increasing its social media presence.
Hemingway, South Carolina– 7/25/2017 –

Apparel manufacturing contractor, Hemingway Apparel, located in Hemingway, South Carolina, is pleased to announce the launch of its new web environment and online presence. The new website offers a number of resources, including an industry blog which will address topics pertinent to the industry. In addition to the website,
Hemingway plans to increase its involvement on social media, specifically including Twitter and LinkedIn.



A leading domestic apparel contractor for the last 50 years, Hemingway has partnered with some of the largest garment companies in the world, as well as government agencies and up-and-coming brands. As a well-respected brand and partner within the ever-changing fashion industry, Hemingway has recognized an increased need to
interact online with prospects, partners and the up-and-coming generation of professionals.

“Providing unparalleled quality and service is what we pride ourselves on at Hemingway, which is why it’s extremely important for us to be more accessible than ever before,” says, Hemingway Apparel President, Chris Marsh. “Apparel manufacturers in general have been slow to interact with the industry online; we’re excited to be a part of pioneering a change in that. Our goal is to enhance our current relationships, connect with others in the industry, and share the expertise we’ve gained over the last several decades.”

Hemingway’s new website will be updated on a regular basis with relevant blog updates, events, and customer-related news. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and connect with the company at https://hemingwayapparel.com

About Hemingway

Hemingway Apparel, located in Hemingway, South Carolina, has delivered the highest quality in apparel manufacturing for Fortune 500, regional, and start-up companies over the last 50 years. Leveraging a proven team of experts, each averaging more than 25 years of experience in sewing, cutting, and apparel production, Hemingway offers a number of customizable manufacturing solutions. With a history steeped in the finest work and commitment, customers take pride in partnering with a tradition of excellence and an American company built on multiple generations of hard work, loyalty, and dedication to providing higher quality end-products than can be found anywhere else in the world.

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