McCrea receives award

Every year the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) recognizes a small group of people from across the state that have made a difference in their county.

Al Ballentine of DHEC presented an award to Environmental Services Director Vincent McCrea for his service.

Ballentine said the South Carolina Environmental Health Association gives the award. “Only a handful of people get this opportunity every year and this year Vincent McCrea and his staff were selected to receive this honor.” Ballentine covers Williamsburg County as well as a portion of Georgetown County.

The award represents the highest honor the association bestows upon a non-member in recognition of a particular meritorious achievement in environmental health.

Ballentine said McCrea is instrumental in DHEC’s implementation of its mission to promote and protect the health of the public and the environment. “He has played an invaluable role in our rabies program as a willing partner – and I emphasis partner because these aren’t requirements of him. These are things we coordinated with ourselves to make things better for the public.”

Ballentine said because of recent cutbacks, without McCrea’s assistance the rabies program would be at risk. Ballentine added that his knowledge of the county and its people has enabled him to capture many stray dogs which led to their quarantine and many times, the location of difficult to find owners. “I get personal notes thanking me for sending Vincent to them to work out a problem,” said Ballentine. “He’s one man that does a lot of things, not just animal control.”