Ranking qualifies hospital for project

Williamsburg Regional Hospital is one of eight hospitals selected to receive technical assistance for an on-site consultation project sponsored by the Small Rural Hospital Transitions (SRHT) Project.

The top eight hospitals were selected for this prestigious opportunity based on leadership, commitment, and organizational preparedness for moving towards new payment and care delivery models of the future.

The hospital selection process was based on the overall ranking of applicants. The federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Rural Health Innovations (RHI), a subsidiary of the National Rural Health Resource Center, recognized all the eligible hospitals for submitting an application to the SRHT Project.

The scoring and ranking of hospital applicants revealed a very competitive pool of candidates.

The RHI received 27 hospital applications across 15 states for only eight consultation slots.

Of the 27 applicants, 17 are Critical Access Hospitals and the 10 are Prospective Payment System facilities.

The SRHT Project is open to nearly 175 eligible hospitals across 21 states.

Only hospitals that are willing and able to meet SRHT Project participation requirements were encouraged to apply for the funding opportunity.

SHRT requires selected hospitals to be willing and able participate in all steps of the performance improvement process.

Hospitals teams are also expected to be willing, able and ready to use the technical assistance proved through the consultation to springboard the hospital into activities that add future value to the hospitals such as participation in an ACO, shared savings plan, and primary care medical home.

RHI acknowledged that the participation requirements can be challenging for any hospital and applauded participants’ commitment to excellence.

Ultimately, Small Rural Hospital Transitions (SHRT) Project is designed to support the needs of small rural hospitals across the county that are struggling to survive as the market continues to transition to new payment and care delivery models of the future.