The Business Hub

Williamsburg County Small Business Support Center provides technical assistance to aid small and emerging businesses within Williamsburg County.  This center is intended to encourage and stimulate small and mid-sized industries and businesses in the creation and retention of jobs.  This center’s function is to improve employment opportunities for low income citizens of the county, help future businesses to locate or expand in the county, increase local tax base, and help to revitalize the area economy.

The Small Business Support Center brings together start-up enterprises and experts to provide ongoing assistance through partnerships with lending institutions, economic developer organizations, state and federal agencies and the private sector.

The mission of Williamsburg County Small Business Support Center is to stimulate the creation of new jobs-particularly for disadvantaged and long term unemployed, and to promote the growth and revitalization of an economically distressed Williamsburg County through assistance to small and emerging businesses.   The technical tool available at the Small Business Support Center will enhance the entrepreneur’s ability to draft a functional business plan, find access to capital, and much more.