Serving the people better with the help of the USDA

A fleet of city trucks, fire trucks, police cars, a street sweeper and other equipment lined up in the parking lot of the Kingstree Parks and Recreation Department provided a peak into the upgrades experienced by the Town of Kingstree. The accomplishment was important enough that on January 14, the USDA held a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The purchase of the vehicles was made possible in part by grants and loans through USDA Rural Development. Of the $950,653 in purchased equipment, $762,899 was provided by USDA Rural Development grants.

USDA Rural Development Manager George Hicks was on hand for the dedication. Hicks said the funds went to a deserving community. “Since 2009, you’re talking about nearly $1.3 million and almost $800,000 in grant dollars to help the fine folks of Kingstree and Williamsburg County,” said Hicks. “All I can say is God Bless America.”

Equipment dedicated included a generator, Street Department and Recreation Center trucks, track hoe, brush truck, street sweeper, four police cars and a 2010 fire truck. “Without you (the USDA), our town could not afford what is in the parking lot,” said Kingstree Mayor Ricky Burrows. “I hope this shows our employees we care about their welfare and safety and also for the citizens of Kingstree.

This is something the average citizen doesn’t think about these things but all of these are good things.” Kingstree Town Manager Dan Wells reiterated Burrows’ comments saying the results were from the hard work by staff and the USDA.