Plastics And Rubber Products Manufacturing

The output of Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing in the United States is projected to grow at a rate of 3 percent per year between 2012 and 2016. One sector currently contributing to growth for plastics manufacturing is renewable energy. Plastics are used extensively in wind turbines, and multiple companies are developing photovoltaic panels made with plastics.

Industrial Ambassadors: Companies in this sector that are located in Williamsburg County include AgruAmerica in Andrew, which manufactures thermoplastic liners for environmental waste containment; GSE World in Kingstree which makes polyethylene fil; Nan Ya Plastics Corp. America, which is partially located in Williamsburg County and manufactures polyester filament, fiber, and chip; WasteZero Inc. in Hemingway, which manufactures recyclable plastic bags; and Tupperware U.S., Inc. in Hemingway which makes plastic containers.

Williamsburg County Advantages: Williamsburg Technical College offers Associates of Arts and Associates of Science degree for students indenting to transfer to a four-year university program. The college also offers Associate of Applied Science and Certificate programs in areas that may provide a source of qualified workers for plastics and rubber manufacturers. Williamsburg Technical College also works with new and expanding industries to train workers and can provide customized training to meet the needs of specific industries.