Sustainable Manufacturing

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, sustainable manufacturing will be an important driver of global efforts to tackle climate change and create a healthier environment. Examples of sustainable manufacturing include the production of energy efficient appliances, the production of components used for alternative energy generation, the utilization of recycled materials in manufacturing processes to reduce demand on natural resources, and production of sustainable building products.

Industrial Ambassadors: Companies located in Williamsburg County that may be classified as engaged sustainable manufacturing include, but not limited to: ArguAmerica in Andrews, which manufactures thermoplastic liners for environmental waste containment; Bamboosa in Andrews, which makes organic clothing and home products from bamboo fiber; Nan Ya Plastics Corp. America, which is partially located in Williamsburg County and manufactures polyester filament, fiber, and chip; and WasteZero Inc. in Hemingway, which manufactures recyclable plastic bags.

Williamsburg County Advantages: Employment at such companies is projected to increase 15.6 percent between 2012 and 2017. Williamsburg Technical College offers Associate of Art and Associate of Science degrees for student intending to transfer to a four-year university program. The college also offers Associate of Applied Science and Certificate programs in areas that may support manufacturing jobs including Construction Trades, Drafting and Design and expanding industries to train worker and can provide customizedtraining.