Williamsburg County School District to meet Monday

KINGSTREE, S.C. – The Williamsburg County School District Board’s budget committee will meet at 5 p.m. on Monday, just before the full Trustees meet in the board meeting room at 423 School Street, Kingstree, at 6 p.m.

Actions discussed will come to the full board as recommendations for action.

Along with allowing a time for members of the public to speak, the regular board meeting will have a time for trustees to receive reports regarding curriculum and instruction, school openings, and transportation.

Also on the agenda is information regarding the “grab ‘n go” breakfast, buildings, grounds and technology update and a review of the month’s expenditures and revenues.

The board will also learn more about the Hemingway Elementary School’s 21st Century Community Learning Grant. The school has received a $200,000 grant to implement the 21st Century Community Learning program during the 2015-16 academic year. Funding for project Year 1 (Aug. 1, 2015 – July 31, 2016) will increase afterschool program activities.

According to the meeting’s agenda, the trustees are to discuss the board’s Budget Committee meeting and sale of a general obligation bond.

Additionally, a spokesperson for the Hemingway Career and Technology Center will request to offer adult courses at the facility.

The board is expected to go into an executive session to discuss employment matters, including: election, transfer, termination, retirement, reorganization and staff resignations or employee appeals.

The board is expected to also receive legal advice about litigation, employment matters, and facilities updates, including the Cades-Hebron property.

Upcoming board committee meetings include the following.

Property Committee Meeting, Sept 3, 4 p.m.

Policy Committee Meeting, Sept 3, 5 p.m.

Regular Board Meeting, Sept. 28, 6: p.m.